The mineral collection

The Muséum d’histoire naturelle Henri-Lecoq of Clermont Ferrand (Puy-de-Dôme, France) preserves Lavoisier’s collection of minerals. It was donated to the city in 1837 by Léon de Chazelles and his wife Jean de Sugny, niece and heir of Madame Lavoisier. The catalogue of the collection is under the direction of Stephane Pelucchi.

The Muséum also preserves three manuscripts describing the collection: one by Lavoisier (not complete), and two made during 1856-57 and 1881 after the donation.

The collection consists of specimens partly preserved in glass blown recipients. The recipients are 993 have been inventoried without any other specific information than their size. They do not only contain minerals and fossils (which are 909) but also vegetable specimens (73), animal specimens (5) and archaeological items (5).

The specimes not preserved in recipients have been catalogued following the shelfmark from T-La 1000 à T-La 2926.   Some 150 specimens have not yet been classified.



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