Main Menu:
From this menu you can have access to all the different key entrances to the repository. - By clicking on "Explore Database" the "Type of Object" and "Thematic Group" lists will be activated. - With "Text search" will be possible, by inserting a word or more, to search in all text fields of the catalogue database and not in that containing the text transcriptions. For such research go to "Search in the digital texts". - With the "Search by Subject" it is possible to choose in a given list one of the general subjects (normally a discipline) and thereafter choose a topic and an argument of that discipline to have the list of documents concerning the choice (this search can be not active in some projects). - With "Search by shelfmark" it is possible to run a search on the shlefmark list by inserting only part of a known shelfmark or a number or a text. - With the "Search by person" is possible to search for a given person name both by christian or family name. Here is also given the possibility of searching by profession. - With "Search by date" is possible to search by a given year, month, day or by a given epoch or an arch of time for example after 1514 and before 1536. - With the "Search by city" you can find all components that contain a given city. The search can be carried out also with a part of name of the city. - With the " View digital texts" is possible to navigate trough the digital library by selecting an author given in the list.